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Founded and directed by Dr. Carlos Molina, with an  experience of more than 17 years serving his patients. This successful track record allows us to provide experience and reliabitity in both general surgery and obesity surgery.

At Marbella Surgery we stand out for humanity and affection for our patients

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El Dr. Molina is a leader in innovative, minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques


Testimonials from our patients

Tengo que agradecer al Dr. Molina por su profesionalidad, mi cirugía de la obesidad no hubiera sido lo mismo sin el apoyo y seguimiento de su equipo.

Psicologia, Nutrcionista y sobre todo el amor y la cercanía que me han demostrado en todo momento.

Muchas Gracias Dr. Molina, Muchas Gracias Elena!!



Excelente profesional, labor, dedicación y atención al paciente. Os convertís en ángeles para nosotros, gracias por haberme devuelto la confianza en mi misma.

 I have had an amazing experience with both Dr. Carlos Molina and Dr. Elena. When I first had the gastric sleeve laparoscopy in addition to a hiatal hernia repair everything was very smooth and I recovered very fast without ever feeling unbearable pain and then I messed up my diet which resulted in me having gastritis and I went to Dr Elena and she was very accommodating she helped me fix my diet and get my life back on track I am ever so thankful to both doctors for a life changing transformation.
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